``I am a great believer in Muskoka``

I am a third generation Muskoka Lake cottager. As a member of the Gooderham family, I grew up living in the Moore Park and Rosedale areas of Toronto.

I intimately understand the needs and desires of anyone interested in cottage life in Muskoka. Furthermore, I have over 30 years of experience building and developing Muskoka cottage properties. I have built a network of seasoned professionals that are ready to assist with any questions related to property investment. I am a great believer in Muskoka.

I have “lived the (Muskoka) life” and can give you sound, experienced advise on all aspects of cottage ownership. My wife and I have raised our family ‘on the water’ and would love to help you do the same.

Being part of the Forest Hill Real Estate team allows me to offer you the most comprehensive real estate services available between Muskoka and Toronto. Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. is a premier real estate company with a team of almost 500 professionals generating over a billion dollars in sales each year. Being part of this team allows me to network and offer you the greatest accessibility to my knowledge, my colleagues, Forest Hill’s client base and the resources that make up a large portion of the markets at either doorstep. For over 30 years, I’ve been told my greatest strength is my affinity for people and ability to communicate. Experience has been a great teacher and throughout my professional life, I have developed an instinctive ability to listen to and understand my client’s desires. The people who know me, trust me, and I would welcome the opportunity to serve anyone in the pursuit of their real estate needs or dreams. Working with me as part of the Forest Hill Real Estate Team facilitates you by having personal accessibility to me on a year-round basis whether you’re at home or at the cottage. My offices are conveniently located in both the ‘Hub’ of the Muskoka Lakes and in ‘The Forest Hill Village’ on Spadina Ave. Toronto.


``Real Estate is in my blood``

‘Rebecca’s’ is a name that resonates among Muskoka’s most influential investors as one of the highest quality, service oriented businesses that could be found.

For 12 years I operated Rebecca’s Casual Fine Dining Inc. restaurant and personally hosted the “who’s who” of Muskoka as a hands on, front line owner of this business. As demographics shifted, economic climate changed and family dynamics evolved, it was time for me to broaden my horizons. I have returned to my roots, enhanced my education and I am now offering the same dedication to Real Estate as I did to making Rebecca’s Casual Fine Dining the most successful restaurant experience of it’s time.

I was born and raised in the Oakville area as the daughter of one of Oakville / Burlington’s more accomplished Realtors. From my earliest childhood memories my mother’s passion for Real Estate has had a life long impression on me. Like any pursuit of mine in life, whether its my passion for fitness as a Can Fit Pro Instructor, my dedication to training for Triathlon’s or enjoying any one of Muskoka’s diverse activities, Real Estate is something that is in my blood.

Making the transition to Real Estate as a career was a decision I labored with intensively. Having the knowledge and the dedication required to make a business successful I set out on deciding what Brokerage in Muskoka would match my resolve. Forest Hill Real Estate Inc. was just that Brokerage. Forest Hill has almost 500 sales professionals, 3 offices in Muskoka and 9 offices in the core of Toronto. Forest Hill is a unique ‘family owned‘ business that is dedicated to providing the best service possible to their Clients and Sales Professionals. I work hand in hand with the professionals in Toronto allowing me to offer you the best connection possible between your investment in Muskoka and the investors in Muskoka from Toronto.